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  About us President: Khaleed Khalfan – contact: opseulocal232@gmail.com Vice-President: Heidi Steffen-Petrie Secretary – Mary Kay Gibbons Treasurer: Lisa Kenny Chief Steward – Gary Tomlinson     Tweet

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Stewards as of September 23, 2016 Gary Tomlinson – MOECC Khaleed Khalfan – MOECC Carola Serwotka – MOECC Donna Victor – SO Kendra Neuman – MAG Cameron Hall: MOECC Doug Peebles: MNR Teresa Pearson : MAG Lorraine Norminton: MNR Peter Roberts : OMAFRA Jan Wyman: MCYS Vipin Sharma, MGS Johanne Noonan – MCSCS Nick Scott-Cone – OMAFRA …

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